/ Ultra Compact Surface


NEOLITH is a high performance, large format, slim porcelain slab, with superior physical and mechanical properties that meet and exceed every industry specification or standard.  It comes with a 15 year supplier warranty!

Neolith is made up of all natural products including clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides, and its colours are made up of natural pigments. ... Even the white coloured neolith will wipe clean without staining.

It comes in a large range of colours and finishes, making it a designer product that can be used in numerous applications for interiors and exteriors such as countertops, cladding, large format flooring and external facades.  Neolith makes stunning wall art too!

Beton Calacatta Kitchen preview

Loved by architects and designers, NEOLITH is lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean and hygienic, resistant to high and low temperatures, UV resistant, and resistant to wear and tear.   NEOLITH is a 100% natural product, so it is subject to slight batch variations in colour. It combines the finest raw materials with the most advanced technology, both which respect the environment. 

There's a huge range of colours and textures, but here's just a couple of colours which we took a shine to, and will be installed in displays in our showroom shortly. 

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Dekton is a large format ultracompact surface by Consetino.   

Dekton is highly resistant to ultra violet (UV) light and will not fade or degrade over time making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Dekton is the most scratch resistant surface on the market and while the slip of a knife won’t damage Dekton, cutting boards are still recommended to protect your household utensils.   Dekton is completely Stain Proof. Even the most stubborn stains like wine, coffee, markers and rust can easily be removed from the surface. Since Dekton has extremely low porosity and contains no resins, it is chemical resistant. Drips or splashes of common household chemicals like bleach, drain cleaners or oven degreasers won’t harm Dekton.  Dekton is resistant to fire, heat, abrasion, ice and has a very high UV resistance.  

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