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Engineered or manmade stone is a composite material comprising rock (quartz) and a resin compound. Quartz is one of the earth’s hardest, most resistant, and abundant minerals. It is one of nature’s strongest and rates a seven on the Mohs scale of hardness, on which marble comes in at 3-4. It has a flexural strength more than three times harder than granite and its impact resistance is double that of granite.

Manmade stones are the latest entry into the benchtop market. Formed under huge pressure they are very strong and provide a hard, attractive and durable work surface. They are gaining in popularity and are often preferred over granite products because they require less maintenance and have better resistance to stains and bacterial contamination. If you love a surface which is scratch resistant, heat resistant, and stain resistant, you will love engineered stone.

As most engineered stone sheet sizes are 3000mm in length (or 3200 if it's a Eurostone Jumbo sheet) you will see a join if your benchtop surface is longer than that, or where there is a return.

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We are thrilled to have Silestone back in our range.  

Silestone is available in more than 90 colours, making sure that there is a Silestone colour for you. With 3 different textures to combine, polished, suede and volcano, there are endless possibilities.  What's more, Silestone has a 25 year product warranty.

To learn more about Silestone and view their colour range visit Silestone


Eurostone is the result of cutting-edge technological development.

The unrivalled versatility, scratch resistance, aesthetic performance, hygienic quality and easy maintenance of Eurostone® has won the trust of architects and designers worldwide.

Produced using 94% crushed quartz, Eurostone® is designed with you and your needs in mind. Many features make this the perfect choice:
See and feel the difference for yourself by requesting up to four free Eurostone® samples couriered to your door to help you make your choice quickly and easily. To view our colour range click here.

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Fine-tuning your life with nature is very easy with UniQuartz countertop slabs. Given the combination of hard quartz stone (93%) and the binding properties of polymer resins (7%), UniQuartz is an engineering marvel. UniQuartz slabs are strong in both looks and strength, and are suited to kitchens, bathrooms, other counter tops that need non porous, stain resistant, tough surfaces. 

To learn more about Uniquartz and view their colour range visit Uniquartz



To learn more about Smartstone and view their colour range visit Smartstone



Compac is Spain's leading company marketing high quality decorative surfaces, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of marble and quartz surface coverings. In choosing Compac you are choosing a material with beauty and durability that stands the test of time.

To learn more about Compac and view their colour range visit Compac



To learn more about Prime and view their colour range visit Shearers