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Acrylic surfaces are made of acrylic resin (Corian, HiMacs, Staron, and Laminex Solid Surface), or acrylic and polyester mix (Infinity) and are able to be shaped as desired. Acrylic is joined using special adhesives to produce a seamless look. This enables the creation of large island units and large surfaces areas that appear to have been made from a single piece of material.  

For dramatic effect, strips and flecks of other colours can be integrated into the design of your acrylic benchtop, and it can be curved and engraved successfully too.

Acrylic materials provide design flexibility and a number of maintenance advantages. This non-porous material is stain and impact resistant, and provides greater durability than traditional materials. It can easily be repaired should it become scratched or chipped.

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Corian solid surface the original solid, non-porous surface material, made by DuPont.  It’s an advanced composite product used as an architectural and design material in a variety of residential and commercial applications.  Corian solid surface offers design versatility, functionality and durability.  Corian can be fabricated into virtually any design, and is widely accepted as a material for benchtops, vanities, and laboratory surfaces.  A broad palette of colours, hues patterns and t

extures allows for an almost unlimited working palette. Corian can also be used as inlays, accents, or as a versatile complement to other materials like metal, wood, stone, etc.

To learn more about Corian and view their colour range visit  Evolution of Surfaces

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HI-MACS is a dream product for designer, builder and home owner alike. Long lasting, hygienic, durable and elegant in a range of colours and styles suitable for every application.

Good ideas need a material to transform them into reality and HI-MACS allows the fusion of art and architecture with a product that brings new possibilities to revolutionise the way we create.

Ideal for countertops and other surface applications where durability, versatility and lasting beauty are a must. With an ever-expanding collection of colours and styles, HI -MACS will inspire interior designers, architects, commercial developers and home owners.  And, if like a growing number of our customers, you are interested in a benchtop for your outdoor kitchen, a few Hi Macs can even be used in an outdoor environment.

To learn more about HiMacs and view their colour range visit Gunnersons

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Staron is an interior material supplied in various colors and patterns which can be processed in a curved, seamless shape which allows creative designs. It is known as an eco-friendly interior material as it is non-porous. Staron’s collections are Tempest, the transparent solid surface, and SUPREME collection, known for its natural patterns.

The Supreme collection contains flowing patterns and trendy colors. Its natural rhythmic patterns were inspired by nature itself.

To learn more about Staron and view their colour range visit Kurve

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Create dynamic and inspirational interiors with Laminex Solid Surface. A thermoformable acrylic, Laminex Solid Surface can be moulded to realise inventive designs with seamless joins. Its non-porous nature means Laminex Solid Surface has superior stain and bacteria resistance and the seamless joins make the surface easy to clean and very hygienic. An environmentally preferable product choice, Laminex Solid Surface has NSF accreditation, Greenguard Gold certification, and the Declare Red List free status.

The Laminex Solid Surface decors provide a mix of timeless colour designs and contemporary patterns. The new Stratum collection is inspired by the layering of strata rock formations, offering veining and fluid patterns that exude sophistication and elegance. The unique flexibility of Laminex Solid Surface makes it ideal for both residential and commercial, horizontal and vertical applications including benchtops, countertops, reception desks and commercial bars.

To learn more about Laminex Solid Surface and view their colour range visit  Laminex

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