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 Zens wireless charger


For the ultimate convenience, ask us to install a wireless charging device for your phone directly into your laminate or HiMacs, Staron or Laminex solid surface acrylic benchtop....

Just lay your phone* on your benchtop and the phone will charge automatically.

This is a very user friendly solution for your home, or business - your family, employees or customers can charge their devices to ensure they are always connected.

It's safe - no exposure to wires on or around the worktop.

There are two models, the PuK 2 and the PuK 3, which gives an initial boost before dropping back to normal charge levels.

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*only some QI enabled phone models are suitable, see if your phone is on the compatible list, otherwise you can insert your phone into a sleeve…/phones-with-wireless-charging/


Note that Corian have their own wireless charging device, see our separate news item