Stone edge profiles

12th April 2018
Stone Edge profiles

Acrylic edging for laminate benchtops

25th June 2017
acrylic edging

A new generation of edging materials is now available for your laminate benchtops. Achieve this seamless stone slab look at laminate prices, by using acrylic edging with your laminate benchtop. No more giveaway black lines on the edges of your benchtop! 

Pop into our showroom to view our selection of quality laminates and matching acrylic edging. You will love them! 


Corian charging surface

19th May 2017
charging surface

Charge smart devices wirelessly on a Corian charging surface.  This optional accessory includes a charging surface for your smart devices - a transmitter transfers energy wirelessly to a receiver within or attached to your smart device. Plus, the surface is smart – charging stops when your device has reached maximum battery capacity. It’s the ideal solution for kitchens, hospitality areas, offices, retail – almost anywhere!